American Legion Aux. Classic And Hot Rod Show

This was a small show for a good cause.  Pretty typical in the car scene.  All across America there are shows, meet-up, and rides that raise money for charity.  That is something all “car guys” agree on.  What they don’t agree on is what is the best option for their vehicle. Do you leave it alone, do you restore,  or do you modify and custom?  As we see it, there is room for everyone. It’s your vehicle, do what you like with it.    The debate came up while judging this show.  I have no problem with customizing, the other judge was a purest.  The more original, the better in his eyes.  I understand what he is saying.  I used to be in the National Corvette Club.  The thing about it is I always felt like I was a caretaker for the cars, not the owner.  I felt constricted in any changes I wanted to make.  I wanted to up the horse power and wheels, but felt I had to keep things looking stock, and keep the original parts for the next owner, who I trusted would pass them along. In the end, I didn’t enjoy the cars like I thought I would, and Corvettes are supposed to be fun darn it.  At that point I quit being a purest.  I’m glad they exist to keep the old cars going, but I also understand especially after working for a major auto manufacturer that there are a lot of compromises made in producing a car.  So why not eliminate the compromises?  It’s your vehicle, enjoy the experience the way you want.  

At Rimtyme, we want you to enjoy your ride. If you want tires for your classic, we can get you those. If you want an old-school wheel, we can get you that. If your want 32" for your ride, yep we have that too. Enjoy your vehicle and continue to help build the car scene for everyone, and keep on showing.
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