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Rimtyme makes getting new wheels and tires easy.  All you need to do is document who you are, where you live, and a source of income. We also need to verify that the registered owner of the vehicle gives permission for the install.  This is typically your Driver’s License, Social Security card / tax ID, a bill or copy of your lease/mortgage, two check stubs, an earning statement, or award letter (unenployment, etc),  the vehicle registration and insurance card.  Other documents can be used, State ID, Tax forms, etc.  Ask your local store for more information.

Bring your documents to the store and the first payment and we can get your wheels installed the same day.  Your pay schedule and possibly your distance from the store will determine your first payment.  We will have both new and previously rented wheels and tires in stock.  Previously rented wheels and tires will have a lower down payment, scheduled payment and 90-day price.

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